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Shaulee Iverson said:   April 27, 2016 10:23 am PST
I am looking to see what your thoughts are. I have a 4year old mare. She was broke to ride and hang around on bareback between two and three years old, can throw a kid on bareback and lead them around. Very gentle, easily caught, will follow you or kids step for step to play with you. Used to be very good with reining and riding when she was used on the ranch daily, however, now she does a lot of standing in pasture waiting for a job as we no longer live on the ranch. She has become a bit more skiddish in the last couple months as a pheasant spooked her on a windy day and a dog nipped her heals with two kids on the back of her. She now has an ear fungus that I can not get under control as she hates anything near her ears now and she used to love her ears begin scratched. Anyways, long story short. She needs a job for 30+ days and she will be back to where she was a year ago. She needs someone to work on reining consistently and preferably around cattle so she can get back in the swing of that. I would not mind if she was roped off of as well. She has been in her own pasture as of the last year as she can be herd sour. I would like to send her to you guys if you are able to give her a job around the ranch. I would like to check in with you guys in 30 days and see if she may need an additional 30. If you could please contact me and see what we could set up that would be awesome. thanks, Shaulee

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