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Bryan has been around horses since he was 9 years old, so about 22 years now. Five years later he got his first horse at the age of 14, and has been riding, training and roping ever since. His family was never big into horses, so he had learn to ride pretty much on his own and with help of friends.

Instead of sports in high school, he competed in rodeo events. He and His friends would travel to all the local rodeos to ride the bulls. He competed in the rodeos and roping events until he finished college. He still had many horses, but he didn’t have time to go the rodeos that much because he was trying to farm on his own.

Myself (Kelly) was raised with horses. As you look through the photos below, horse lovers run strong in my family.  My mom taught us at a very young age to train and ride.  My sister, who is an excellent trainer herself, with her gelding out in Medora, riding him with only a string around his neck.  Also her two girls that ride and show at horse shows.  I have been riding since I was 3 years old, and started showing horses when I was 5. Breeding and raising horses has always been my dream, I started breeding them about 12 years ago and plan on doing it the rest of my life.

I went to college, to further educate myself in the animal industry. I ended up being the captain of both the hunt and western teams for all 4 years that I was there as well as giving private lessons to non students. Bringing both teams to regional competition, zones and a few members went on to the nationals. Also had non students end up going to worlds and congress. That was a great achievement for me at such a young age.

Few years later, after Bryan and I met we decided that our love for horses was too strong to let them sit in pasture.  Our dream is to break, train horses and be able to compete in roping events, rodeo and horse shows.  We will be able to provide our services to other horse owners in a wide range area. It would be an asset to the community, because of the shortage of horse trainers and farriers in the area. With our education and experience we can provide lots of knowledge to horse enthusiasts. Providing the facility, training and lessons to further broaden their experience with horses, and maybe fulfill their dreams of showing horses in the big shows.

If you don’t want to show and just get better quality of horses, they can breed to our high quality, well bred stallions or buy offspring that we will raise from our breeding stock. We want to provide a wide variety of opportunities to fulfill a wide range of horse lover’s needs and wants.

Please enjoy our photos!!!

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