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Bryan & Kelly,
Just a note to let you know how pleased I am with Mystery.  You have done an absolute awesome job training him and had him doing everything I had asked you to do with him.  He is by far my favorite horse to ride.  You also have a great talent at matching horses to riders for people who are looking to purchase a horse rather than just making a sale.
I recommend Sliding Stop Ranch to anyone who is looking for a horse or to have a horse trained.  Your skills are second to none.

Sue Bakko

McHenry, ND

Hey, thought i would let you know how Madison came out this year with Cash they won 16 belt buckles an a saddle 2500$an around 2000$in prizes.They went to state in Rough Rider rodeo setting 3 rd going in they won both go a rounds at state . He loves to run the barrels,we have really worked on that with him an it has shown ,Madison is also breakaway roping with him now ,he picks up things so quick .I run her with the women all winter so when summer comes summer she can go into rodeo's run barrels in youth an win cause she is used to hard completion she places in the 2 D running against the women in the winter jackpots.the 3 pics are from the state finals in RR rodeo an the other one is from a jackpot this summer she won .You all have a great Christmas.

-Lila Smith

Epping, ND

Brian and Kelly,
Just a note to let you know both Dollar & Blue Boy are doing excellent. You did a great job on them. I get along great with both of them. Here are some pics of the two horses and my daughter Lacey out in Medora. I got several comments on how well the horses did in the Badlands and they are only two years old and 20 days after I got them back from you. I was in heaven on a horse in the wide open spaces of Medora. Thanks for getting them both going so good for me.

-Stephanie Hatzenbuhler
Mandan, ND

Bryan & Kelly,

Thanks for the great job you did with Beauty.  She hasn’t shown any signs of kicking at me since she has been home.  She is really bonding well with Taylor.  I can’t imagine where she would be at now if we would have had more time to spend on her last summer.  She is doing great.   I hope that Harley comes along as nicely as Beauty did.  I would recommend you to others without hesitation.

Terry and Taylor Knutson
Fordville, ND

(Taylor and Beauty)

Thank you guys for doing such a great job training my 4 year old mare Shiloh!!  I can't believe what an awesome job was done with her!!  My 9 year old son was riding her after just a week of training!!  I find that totally great!!  She came home after just 30 days of training,  being a whole lot more than I had ever dreamed.  Shiloh and Anthony have really bonded and learn from each other on a day to day basis.  I never dreamed Anthony would be able to be trusted on his own with a freshly trained horse.  Horses are never 100% predictable but I totally trust her with my son who is a beginning rider!!  They learned how to work together in a short time.  I am so greatful for the awesome training and the honesty that Sliding Stop Ranch is known for.  They have given my son confidence and a life long partner that he can grow with and learn from!!  There are not words for what they do and the commitment that takes place in training horses for others!!  You guys are awesome in many ways and you are at the top of my list when some asks about getting a horse trained!!  I hope to have more of my horses trained at Sliding Stop Ranch in the near future!!
Love you guys--
Erika, Jadon, and Anthony 
Newfolden, MN

(Shilo, 4yr old AQHA mare and Anthony at the Fair)

Brian and Kelly,

I just want to say again how pleased I am working with Brian on the training of my horse D. W. Goldrush (Buck). He is my best pal now and he was such a mess when I brought him to you. As a Half Arab Thoroughbred he was way too much horse for my abilities and after throwing me off I lost most of my confidence in being able to ride him. At my age I did not want to ride a horse that would be skittish and blow up at everything the way Buck did. Brian has made him see that all those spooky things are just no big deal anymore and that really made a difference. Brian also trained me to be a better rider in the process realizing that I did not have the skills or nerve necessary to do what I had dreamed of doing. Now I have a lot more confidence and Buck and I ride out right from the barn it is incredible for me and I cannot thank you guys enough. Please add me to your reference page and I hope the Sliding Stop Ranch is a success for you guys you certainly have the right stuff and a winning attitude to help those of us in need.  The next horse is a Black Quarter Horse (Blackie) for my wife and I have every confidence Brian will train him well.

Dale Miller

Hello Kelly and Brian-
Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the way Rex is going.  He evens reins really well for 30 rides.  You have exceeded our expectations.  We were a little nervous trying out a new trainer but we happily have no regrets!  We will be back in the spring!  See you then!
Dennis and Genafay Pokrzywinski
15907 86th St NE
Drayton, ND  58225

(REX-2yr old AQHA stallion)

I stopped in this week to ride my four year old, who is on week 5 of training. I am so impressed; he is neck reining, stopping, and loping circles. I took him out a couple miles, alone. You have done a great job! I would recommend anyone bring a horse to your facility.
Lori Volk
Pembina, ND

(Zippo- 4yr old AQHA gelding)

I am pleased with your hard work on my horses. I keep bringing you new ones to train because the ones I bring home are exactly what you say they are and you have trained them as I asked you to. Keep doing a great job. Thanks
Ed Melroe
Kulm, ND

(Certified on Deck- 3yr old AQHA Gelding)            (Tiger-5 yr old AQHA Gelding)

I am very happy in how they trained my 5 yr old app mare.  I needed a horse very quiet and easy going. Just with 30 days of training, I was able to neck rein her, go through water, roads, over logs, up and down hills, parades, and she goes and stops with little pressure. The only thing I use on her is a riding halter. I would definitely recommend them to train your horse.
Rose Fulton
Warren, MN

Kelly and Brian, thanks for the work you did on the nags.  They have been working pretty well at the feedlot.  Especially when I can watch from the fence as the kids ride pens for me.  Thanks again...Kevin Elliott

Kevin Elliott and Family
Clifford, ND 58016

(Keegan and Buddy)                                                            (Konner and Jordan)

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